Category: Design

  • Sowing a garden for a healthy performing arts ecosystem

    Last December we got invited to facilitate a session in our hometown involving Baratza, an independent theatre, and its surrounding community. Baratza (vegetable garden in Basque) was born 6 years ago with the intention of being an active agent in the contemporization of performing arts in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Since then it has actively engaged with cultural, […]

  • Systemic design course

    Back to work after my trip to the US west coast I have been leading a course around systemic design at IED Barcelona. Here some of the materials I have been using. Systemic design day 1 from Markel Cormenzana Systemic design day 2 + Creative collaboration workshop from Markel Cormenzana

  • From problem solving to problem caring

    One of the most important leaps in my career and general mindset as a designer came when I started reading and exploring a cybernetic (systemic) approach to my practice. Coming from a very engineering focused design background, characterized by a deterministic, simplifying, linear and positivist bias and while being studying Integrated Design in Denmark I […]

  • A brief ethnography of digital nomads

    Last week I had the chance to visit my friend Jon in X├ávia (Alicante). He has lived there for a couple of years since is the basecamp of Sun and co. project he as his partner Eduardo founded several years ago. Since his experience in Edinburgh’s The Melting Point, Jon has been involved in dynamizing […]