Category: Performing transitions

  • Sowing a garden for a healthy performing arts ecosystem

    Last December we got invited to facilitate a session in our hometown involving Baratza, an independent theatre, and its surrounding community. Baratza (vegetable garden in Basque) was born 6 years ago with the intention of being an active agent in the contemporization of performing arts in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Since then it has actively engaged with cultural, […]

  • Algo-rythms. Further developing the moving communities workshop.

    Coding algorithms are a set of computational rules that govern informatic programs. Autonomous agents is a coding concept that refers to any entity that makes its own choices about how to act in its environment without any influence from a leader or global plan.  Three key concepts: An autonomous agent has a limited ability to […]

  • Design for the New

    Last couple of weeks we have been working on a new course for the Master on Design for Emerging Futures, a joint program of Elisava and IAAC. One of our main goals for this course is to prototype some ideas from our reserarch concerning Performing Transitions. I will try to keep track of my main […]