My journey up to here-now

During the past years (2011-2019) I have been involved in many interesting projects whose shared focus has been to engage in systemic change through design and process facilitation. After few months of learning journey, I have felt really grateful by the amazing people I have collaborated during the past months. This appreciation lead to the need of capturing some of them in the form of a draft portfolio.

Most of the projects presented below have been collectively developed in the context of my work in inèdit, HOLON and universities such as Elisava, IED or BAU. In each of the projects participations, contributions and responsibilities are deliberately mentioned in order to acknowledge their collective nature. A more detailed view on my professional career can be checked in my Linkedin profile.

In 2019 design community is celebrating the life of Victor Papanek. Part of his critique work was focused on pointing out the ethical responsibilities of designers as future makers. Somehow and inline with the work of Paul Virilio, Papanek understood that while designing the new we are also and contingently designing its accidents. Immersed in a time of generalised crisis of the old, few years ago I decided to try to prefigurate the worlds that I want to make through my design practice. These past years have been a transformative journey trying to make sense about what that exactly means. Hereunder you will find some of the projects I have been involved, some of my learnings and the impacts that I/we helped bring into the world.

Systemic impact

During these past years my career has been focused on targeting specific impact areas in search for more sustainable systems, products, services and experiences. Some of these areas and their related projects can be checked below.

Design orders

One of my personal and professional breakthroughs sparked when I gained a broader understanding about design as culture and practice whose primal matter is transformation. Before that, I used to understand based on the different kind of material outputs generated in the process (visual, product, service…). My immersion circa 2015 into the emerging field of Transition Design extended my perspective and equipped me with knowledge and tools from other complementary fields such as philosophy (ex. phenomenology), sociology (ex. theories of change such as social practice theory), futures studies…

Orders of desing in the world

Roles and skills

> Ecosystem dynamization
> Collaborative leadership
> Change management
> Creative leadership
> Facilitation

> Strategic design and management
> Storytelling and branding
> Innovation management
> Project management
> Sustainability and ecoinnovation