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  • Hello world!

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  • A purpose for the next 5 years of my life

    a. Initial framing 1. A situation of emergenc(e)(y).  Keywords: Liminal situation. A time between worlds. Metamodernity. Anthropocene. Capitalocene. Social movements theory. Transition management. [Image] The multilevel and multifaceted crisis we are experiencing (ecological, social, moral, imaginative…) demands a fast and deep response. There’s a profound consensus, both at the scientific and civil sphere, about that […]

  • Los mundos que revelamos a través del diseño

    Una sobremesa-reflexión alrededor de la politización en la práctica del diseño local Han pasado ya más de dos décadas desde la muerte de Victor Papanek. Es habitual escuchar que el tiempo (y la historia) pone a cada cual en su lugar. Resulta paradójico, cuanto menos,  que su lugar en la historia (a menos en la […]

  • Sowing a garden for a healthy performing arts ecosystem

    Last December we got invited to facilitate a session in our hometown involving Baratza, an independent theatre, and its surrounding community. Baratza (vegetable garden in Basque) was born 6 years ago with the intention of being an active agent in the contemporization of performing arts in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Since then it has actively engaged with cultural, […]

  • Design overtables: The worlds we make

    Several decades have passed after the bold declaration from Victor Papanek of Design as a political endeavour with potential deadly consequences. It was his one of the first voices to point out our responsibility as designers in mediating the everyday life of people by giving form to tools, technologies, interfaces… Nevertheless in a historical moment […]

  • TAZ: exploring emerging scenarios through performative fiction

    It’s been a while since the last time I wrote about my final project process. During the past weeks I have been trying to take action and get out of the theorizing loop. This is one of the main learnings I am doing process-wise. I tend to get too hooked up into the process of  […]

  • Systemic design course

    Back to work after my trip to the US west coast I have been leading a course around systemic design at IED Barcelona. Here some of the materials I have been using. Systemic design day 1 from Markel Cormenzana Systemic design day 2 + Creative collaboration workshop from Markel Cormenzana

  • Algo-rythms. Further developing the moving communities workshop.

    Coding algorithms are a set of computational rules that govern informatic programs. Autonomous agents is a coding concept that refers to any entity that makes its own choices about how to act in its environment without any influence from a leader or global plan.  Three key concepts: An autonomous agent has a limited ability to […]

  • I did something for africa. Speculative Design summer school.

    [Disclaimer: this is a live article in edition. Take this notes as the backbone of what will be an article about my outcomes and experience in summer school] Futures design and my practice During the first week of september I got to be invited to a summer school about Speculative Design (SD) in rurality. […]

  • Making sense of 1st final term project

    During the past weeks I have been trying hard to converge into a topic to be the focus of my final term project. During that process I synthesized a map with the different terrains that I have been exploring since I started this learning journey.  Problem space for the project of the first term I […]