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  • Algo-rythms. Further developing the moving communities workshop.

    Coding algorithms are a set of computational rules that govern informatic programs. Autonomous agents is a coding concept that refers to any entity that makes its own choices about how to act in its environment without any influence from a leader or global plan.  Three key concepts: An autonomous agent has a limited ability to […]

  • I did something for africa. Speculative Design summer school.

    [Disclaimer: this is a live article in edition. Take this notes as the backbone of what will be an article about my outcomes and experience in summer school] Futures design and my practice During the first week of september I got to be invited to a summer school about Speculative Design (SD) in rurality. […]

  • From problem solving to problem caring

    One of the most important leaps in my career and general mindset as a designer came when I started reading and exploring a cybernetic (systemic) approach to my practice. Coming from a very engineering focused design background, characterized by a deterministic, simplifying, linear and positivist bias and while being studying Integrated Design in Denmark I […]